Please use these forms to facilitate referring your patient to Duke for solid organ transplant evaluation. If you are an adult patient seeking an evaluation for care, please click here. For pediatric patients seeking evaluation options, please visit here.

Referral Forms

Referring Physician Transplant Outreach

Contact our Transplant Outreach Liaison at 919-613-2843 if you would like to schedule a visit from the Duke transplant clinical team, learn more about our patient referral and evaluation process or schedule a time to visit us here at Duke.

For more information about referring a patient for a lung or liver transplant, call:

  • 919-684-9109 - Lung Transplant Program
  • 919-668-4755 - Liver Transplant Program

For physician inpatient referrals, please call the Duke Transfer Center at 919-681-3440.

Clinical Practice Today

Clinical Practice Today provides specialty-specific content that can help you improve patient outcomes, sharpen diagnostic skills, and streamline processes. Read the latest articles for solid organ transplant at Duke.