Duke MedLink is your connection to our EMR system. Through this secure, web-based application, you will have quick and convenient read-only access to view your patients’ medical records, place orders and referrals, and send secure messages to Duke physicians.

Duke MedLink enables you to:

  • Make a referral, place a radiology order, and track the progress of your requests.
  • View your patients’ medical records within our EMR system, including visit summaries, progress notes and results.
  • Monitor and receive alerts about your patients’ care at Duke Health.
  • To learn more, please read our FAQ.

Follow These Steps to Create Your Account

  1. Complete the Duke MedLink site access agreement. An authorized contracting representative for the practice/clinic, often the medical director, should sign this agreement. Please note, this agreement is intended for use by referring physician practices. If you are requesting MedLink access on behalf of a pharmacy, skilled nursing facility or other entity, please contact us prior to completing the site access agreement.
  2. Provide confirmation of your professional liability insurance coverage and cyber liability coverage.
  3. Provide a list of all providers at the requesting site and any designated employees who are requesting access.
  4. Each person requesting access must:

Email us your completed forms and insurance verification.

We will perform a sanction check on all requested users. Once your access is established, we will send an email with your account information.

Call for Support

Call 919-684-2243 for technical support viewing patient records or placing orders or referrals.