Duke Health Referring Physicians

Duke MedLink is your connection to our EMR system. You can use this secure, web-based application to obtain quick, convenient read-only access to view your patients’ medical records, place orders and referrals, and send secure messages to Duke physicians. Please review the frequently asked questions below to see if your concerns are addressed. If not, please call 919-684-2243 for technical support viewing patient records or placing orders or referrals.
What is the URL for Duke MedLink?
The URL is www.DukeMedLink.org
If you have accounts with other North Carolina hospitals who use EpicCare Link, you can log into one of those accounts and access your other instances through the Happy Together link.
What Are the Internet Browser Requirements for Duke MedLink?
Duke MedLink is supported by Internet browsers for both PCs and Macs. PC users must have Chrome, Edge, and Firefox (10 or later). Mac users must have Firefox (10 or later), Chrome, or Safari. If using Android, Chrome is needed. If using an iPad, Safari (15 or later) is needed.
How Quickly After My Patient’s Encounter Will I Be Able to View Their Providers’ Notes for Inpatient and Outpatient Visits?
Once the notes are added to the chart review function – typically within three days of the encounter – you will have access to view the notes through Duke MedLink.
Will I Find Information in Duke MedLink About My Patients’ Care at All of Duke Health's Facilities?
You will be able to view information in Duke MedLink about your patients’ care at Duke University, Duke Raleigh and Duke Regional Hospitals and our specialty clinics.
What if the Note I’m Looking for is Missing?
If it’s been more than three days since the encounter and you don’t see the note in chart review, you can contact 800­‐MED­‐DUKE or your physician liaison for assistance. 
Will Any Preliminary Notes be Posted or Are All Notes Final?
Notes will be available through chart review in Duke MedLink as the provider finalizes them, and all notes will remain visible in Duke MedLink. 
Can I See My Patients’ Future Appointments and Know When They Cancel or Arrive for an Appointment Through Duke MedLink?
Notifications of future and cancelled appointments can be viewed through the clinicals tab and current or completed encounters can be viewed through the encounters tab.
Can I Submit Referrals Through Duke MedLink?
Yes, you can submit referrals through Duke MedLink directly to a Duke provider or facility.
What Other Orders Can I Place Through Duke MedLink?
Currently, you can place radiology orders directly through Duke MedLink. Future upgrades will include the ability to place additional order types, including lab orders.
How Does Messaging Work in Duke MedLink?
Duke MedLink allows non-­Duke providers to communicate with Duke through the InBasket feature.
Can I Look up My Own or My Family’s Patient Information Through Duke MedLink?
Duke MedLink users may not access their own or family members’ clinical and/or demographic information. You are only permitted to access information for patients for whom you are directly providing care. You may access your own patient information through Duke MyChart.
Are There Any Printer Requirements for Duke Medlink?
The convenience of Duke MedLink’s web-­based platform allows for printing with no specific printer requirements. Users are advised to minimize printing and only print to devices that offer a secure location that protects patient privacy.
Can I Update My Patients’ Information, Such as Contact Information, Diagnosis or Allergies in Duke Medlink?
At this time, Duke MedLink offers you read‐only access to your patients’ information. If you see errors in your patients’ information, please contact 800-MED­‐DUKE or your physician liaison for assistance.
What If I Do Not See One of My Patients on My Patient List?
You can search all patients (formerly known as First Access) to receive temporary, 30-day access to view patient charts for which you have not yet been granted access or for whom you are not listed as the primary care provider in the Duke Health electronic medical record. You must provide the patient's full name, sex and birthdate as well as a specific reason why you need access to the patient's chart.
Can a Patient Be Listed with Two Primary Care Providers at the Same Time? Likewise, Can More Than One Physician at Our Practice Access a Patient’s Information?
A patient cannot be assigned to more than one primary care provider (PCP). However, other care team members or providers in a practice who are working with the patient can access the patient’s information through First Access.
How Do I Access Information for Patients in My Practice When I’m Not Listed as Their Referring Physician?
If you are the referring physician for a patient you can use First Access to gain access to their information.