Patients with suspected COVID-19 infection should contact Duke Health before coming to any of our medical facilities. They may be given a virtual appointment by phone or video conference for primary care or specialty care. If they require an in-person visit, they may be given an appointment at one of our designated respiratory care centers or be referred to one of the Duke Health drive-up testing locations throughout the Triangle. 

Please note that COVID-19 testing at Duke Health requires a referral from a Duke Health physician.

Antibody Testing

Duke Health is planning to offer antibody testing, but we do not recommend routine antibody screening for individual patient care at this time, as further research is needed to determine its clinical utility. If performed, results should not be used to guide clinical decision-making or patient counseling regarding risk of acquiring COVID-19. If a positive antibody is detected, patients could still be at risk of infection, and they should still engage in frequent handwashing, masking while in public, and physical distancing.