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Duke Expands Individualized Gynecologic Oncology Care

New Duke physician brings expertise in treating gynecologic cancers

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Expanding individualized care for gynecologic cancers, the Duke Gynecologic Oncology Program recently welcomed gynecologic oncologist Lauren Turker, MD. Turker focuses on increasing access to convenient, comprehensive, and innovative treatments for women.
“While treating more patients in Wake County is a priority, I also see patients travel a long way to get care at Duke. Our program is known for its surgical and treatment innovations, clinical trials, and personalized approach to care. I’m thrilled to join the team and extend this distinguished care to patients in and beyond Wake County.” Turker says.

Refer a Patient

To refer a patient for gynecologic oncology care at Duke, call 919-684-6213 option 1.

Enhancing continuity of care

“The program has a community feel with a high academic and tertiary care standard,” Turker says. “That’s what makes it unique.”
Patients receiving oncology care at Duke Women’s Cancer Care Raleigh also have access to chemotherapy at the location’s infusion center. Many other centers refer out for infusion services.
“Having an onsite infusion center ensures a high standard of care, but it’s also more convenient for patients who don’t have to travel to an unfamiliar facility. We prioritize continuity of care for patients to ease some of the stress involved in coordinating complex cancer care,” Turker says.
In addition, Turker and her team have access to clinical trials, specialists representing nearly every cancer type, and subspecialty experts to address comprehensive aspects of patients’ treatment and ongoing care. 
“Having all specialties available to collaborate on patient cases is so important and impressive,” says Turker. “We can streamline each patient’s treatment well here, which benefits their care experience and outcomes.”

Innovative, personalized treatments

Turker’s clinical time is split between consulting with patients and performing surgery. “I focus on innovative surgery — making surgery least invasive with equivalent outcomes to open surgery,” Turker says.
In addition to leading-edge surgical techniques, Turker leverages genetic testing capabilities at Duke to personalize patients’ treatment plans.
“We’re performing more molecular testing for different gynecologic cancers to identify mutations. Using this information, we can do more targeted medicine to the patient’s specific tumor. We have access to new medicines and more opportunities that help women achieve favorable outcomes,” says Turker.
Turker advocates for individualized care for women. “No two cancers are the same, and no two women are the same in how they view what’s most important to them in their care. I want patients to feel empowered to make choices that align with their values and goals, and I support them in those decisions.”